About the Girl
hey !and welcome beautiful to my personal blog!,im layla a 18 years old dutch girl from ..yeh you are right Holland ! (: ,i'm a typical ordinary girl full of imagination,curiosity and uhmm i guess humor.im really random the one day im black&white the other im a rainbow.im humble kind and sweet and i love it to meet new people.the pictures that i post are what inspire me or attracts me the most.i'm a shameless muslim ,and truely inlove already since 11/11/10 with my boyfriend and BFF ahmed.and someday ..?? i hope i end up somewhere on this earth luckly and happy.i love nailart henna and writting and oh yeh i love each and every one of my followers because without you guys,my blog would be so pointless so a huge thank you to all of you.xoxo Lay  Angel(s) //

My ❤'s

Ahmed(Bf),Allah,starbucks,traveling, Tswift,Kpop+drama,blossom,Nailpolish, lipgloss,Shopping,TVD,PLL,Fashion,H&M, Myiphone,Chocolate,WhipedCream,Snow CupCakes,Spring,Movies,DLovato,2ne1, Gna,Sgomez,Nailart,Family,GossipGirl, glee,My followers + much more

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